Todd Dutkevitch is an internationally published fashion photographer living in Los Angeles.  He has appeared in or on the covers of Esquire, Ever, VOLO, VOLOGLAM, Inked Girls, Kandy, and Arsenic Magazine.  Todd is is a multi-talented artist who first received commercial success as a music producer remixing Billboard dance hits for artists like Beyonce and Mary J. Blige.  He played the violin and guitar growing up outside Boston but his first love was art and he took extra drawing classes during the summer in high school to build his portfolio in hopes of going to design college.  

In lieu of his natural gifts, Todd graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Finance and moved back to Boston to briefly work trading bonds.  His creativity eventually landed him in Los Angeles Djing Hollywood dance clubs at night and modeling during the day getting expierience working with David LaChapelle, Body Glove, Elle and Vogue.  Todd went on to start the independant dance music label Pure Music Productions and he expanded his love of the arts into fashion photography.